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Business CAFT/EFT

In business, cash flow is king. And so is making sure your employees get their pay on time. That's why we offer our business members CAFT (Customer Automated Funds Transfer) and Electronic Transaction Processing. You can use them to:

  • facilitate payroll
  • collect payments from clients and customers
  • make payments to suppliers

If you're looking to streamline your payment processes, it's the ideal solution for you.

CAFT fees:

  • $150.00 New Originator set up fee (one time)
  • $0.20 per debit or credit item with a minimum $2.00 monthly fee
  • $2.00 per file processed
  • $20.00 tracing fee (per item requested)
  • $2.00 per manual addition of Payor's
  • $1.00 per manual deletion or change of Payor's information
  • $10.00 for adding users to an existing CAFT Originator
  • $10.00 for changing CAFT Originator limits
  • $25.00 per manual recall after the file has been released
  • $0.50 per settlement transaction to the Originator's account
  • $7.50 monthly fee for automatic file releaser per Originator

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