Ways to Bank

Our Business Banking Options

Here at Cornerstone, our members are at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we offer a variety of convenient ways for your business’ banking. Choose a banking option that best fits your business’ needs to find out more:


MDSB Member Direct Small Business Expand/Collapse

All the tools you need right at your finger tips.

MemberDirect Small Business (MDSB) is designed for agricultural, association, business and community service members. With MDSB, you can conveniently manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.

Click here to learn more!

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You can use MemberDirect to do all your banking such as:
  • pay bills
  • check account balances and transaction history
  • transfer money between accounts
  • make loan payments
  • access to financial statements

If you already have signed up for Member Direct CLICK HERE to login. If you need assistance or are logging in for the first time, call 1-855-875-2255 and one of our Contact Centre representatives will be happy to assist you.


ACCOUNTPLUS ™  allows you to link investment accounts for display on the Account Summary page in MemberDirect online banking. The SSO (Single Sign On) feature enables users to access Credential Direct® without entering another username and password.


The current ACCOUNTPLUS ™ partners are:

  • Credential Asset Management Inc.
  • Credential Securities®
  • Credential Direct

For a complete tutorial on how to use the benefits on AccountPlus click here.

Important Disclaimers

Alerts for Online Banking

Guard against account fraud! Cornerstone Credit Union Alerts will let you know when important changes have been made to your information in Internet Banking. These alerts add additional protection to allow you to identify and report potential fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.

You will be notified when:

  • Your internet banking account is logged into.
  • A new bill payee is added to your list of vendors.
  • Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed via Internet Banking.
  • You are locked out of internet banking after 3 incorrect responses to security questions.
  • An INTERAC e-Transfer New Recipient is added.

These alerts can be sent as a text message to your mobile device, as an email to your email address or both.

How do I sign up?

  1. Log into Cornerstone Credit Union Internet Banking.
  2. Navigate to the Messages and Alerts tab and click on Get Started Today to display the Mobile Alerts page. Choose Add Contacts.
  3. You will be asked to accept the Alerts Agreement before you can complete your registration.
  4. From here, add an email contact, phone contact (or both!) and follow the instructions received in the confirmation email or text.
  5. Next, select account nicknames and choose which alerts you’d like to receive. We recommend the online login alert be enabled along with any other alert you choose.
  6. Ensure the check box beside the contact (email address and/or mobile phone) to receive the alert has been checked by choosing Manage Alerts and selecting the alerts you wish to receive. Click Submit
  7. You’re all set!

Managing Your Alerts Service

In addition to receiving your Direct Alerts via email or text, you can review the last 30 days of Alerts History in Internet Banking – just click on the Alerts history link on the Alerts page. You can also manage your alerts by editing the contact information, account nicknames or by choosing different alerts to be received. You can access all of these functions from the Manage Alerts tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Alerts and why should I sign up?
    Cornerstone Credit Union Direct Alerts make it easy to keep track of any changes that occur with Internet Banking – for example, if you sign up to receive an alert if your internet banking account is logged into you will receive a text or email if the Internet Banking system detects that change. If you receive an alert but did not perform a change in Internet Banking, this may be a sign of fraudulent activity. Contact your credit union immediately and we can address your concerns and take appropriate action.
  2. What are the fees for using Cornerstone Credit Union Alerts?
    There is no charge to members for receiving alerts from Cornerstone Credit Union. However, your Mobile Service Provider may charge you for receiving text messages or for data usage. Members are advised to check with their provider for details.
  3. Are Alerts safe?
    Personal information is not transmitted in a Direct Alerts text message or email. Accounts are identified by nickname only – no account numbers, balances or identifying details are visible. Also remember – Cornerstone Credit Union will never ask you to provide personal information over email or text.
  4. Which Mobile Service Carriers support Alerts?
    Currently, this feature is supported by Telus, Rogers, Fido, Bell, MTS, Virgin, Sasktel, Koodoo, Solo, PC Mobile, Mobilicity and WIND.
  5. What happens if I change my mobile device number?
    Sign into Internet Banking and edit your Alerts Contact information to include your new mobile number.
    If a user adds a new contact to an active alert at a later date they must EDIT the alert and check the appropriate contact box.  If this box is not checked the new contact will not receive an email or text alert. 
  6. I want to add or change my email address?
    Sign into Internet Banking and edit your Alerts Contact information to include or change the email address.
    Each time a contact is added or modified you must EDIT all of the active alerts and check the appropriate contact box.  If this box is not checked the new contact will not receive an email or text alert.
  7. How many email or phone contacts can I set up?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A combined maximum of 3 email or phone contacts may be setup. You can delete an existing contact and add in a new one, but you cannot have more than 3 setup at a time.
  8. What happens if I lose my mobile device?
    Contact your service provider to suspend your service. Then, sign in to Cornerstone Credit Union Internet Banking to deactivate the alerts being sent to your device.

Less Paper. Less Clutter. More Planet.

Did you know your monthly statement is available electronically with eStatements?

eStatments look the same as your paper statement, but offer more value and convenience.  eStatements are available through MemberDirect online banking.


  • Provide instant access to all your account information.  And you get it faster as you don't have to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail.
  • Electronically archives previous monthly statements and stores them in a secure location.
  • Allows you to view and print statement information as required.
  • Cheque images can be viewed directly from your eStatement.
  • eStatements are safe and secure.
  • eStatements are an easy way to cut down on paper usage to help protect the environment.
  • eStatements are FREE!

If you are not currently signed up for online banking or want to cancel your paper statement, please contact Cornerstone Credit Union today!

Interac e-Transfer

INTERAC e-Transfer

Transferring money can be done quickly and securely with INTERAC e-Transfer! All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to send money in just a few quick and easy steps.

When to use INTERAC e-Transfer:

  • Splitting the bill in a restaurant
  • Paying a roommate for your portion of rent or bills
  • Sending some birthday cash to a family member
  • Paying for everyday purchases such as housekeeping, babysitting or home repairs

Key Benefits

Convenient and Simple to Use!

  • All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number
  • You can also transfer money to your other Canadian Financial Institution accounts
  • Make or receive a transfer from anywhere at any time using your computer or Smartphone - Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Saves Time and Money!

  • No need to wait for the transfer to be approved – your recipient can access funds quickly
  • No more stops at the ATM or waiting for cheques to be cashed!
  • Lower cost than bank drafts or money orders


  • Your personal information is secure – email or text is used for communication purposes, but your funds are contained in our secure banking network
  • No account numbers or other Financial Institution information is required
  • A security question of your choosing protects your funds from being received by the wrong person

How to send and receive an INTERAC e-Transfer:

  1. Log into Cornerstone Credit Union Internet Banking and navigate to the “Transfers” screen
  2. Set up your sender profile and add your recipient – make sure to create a Security Question that only your recipient knows the answer to.
  3. Choose how to notify your recipient, the amount you wish to send and which account the funds will be transferred from. You can also choose to send a special message or memo to your recipient.
  4. Send! The funds are debited from your account immediately.
  5. Your recipient will receive notification that you have sent them an INTERAC e-Transfer, and will follow the links provided in the email or text message to deposit their funds.
  6. Once they have answered the security question correctly, they can deposit the funds immediately – no holds, no hassle!
  7. If your recipient’s Financial Institution does not subscribe to the INTERACe-Transfer service, it’s no problem! They can still receive their funds by following the link to Interac’sInterac Association’s site, at which time you will be asked to create or log into your existingaccount with Interac Association.
  8. Once logged in, InteracAssociation will proceed to deposit the transfer into your chequing or savings account (which usually takes 3-5 business days). For non-participating financial institution deposits, a $4.00 service fee will be deducted from the transfer amount.

Limits and Fees:

Sending Limits:

Per Transaction:  

  • Send $3,000
  • Receive $10,000

Per Week:

  • Send - $10,000
  • Receive - $70,000

Per Month:

  • Send - $20,000
  • Receive - $300,000

A non-refundable fee of $1.50 will be charged for sending an INTERAC e-Transfer. It is free to receive e-Transfers (*Regular transaction fee's apply).


  1. What is Acxsys Corporation? 
  2. How long does it take to send and receive anINTERAC e-Transfer?  
  3. I sent a transfer but provided an incorrect e-mail address for the recipient. What should I do? 
  4. How do I readdress and resend an INTERAC e-Transfer?
  5. How do I cancel and deposit the transfer amount back into my account?
  6. Does the recipient get a reminder to deposit their INTERAC e-Transfer?
  7. What is a security question?What are the guidelines for the security answer? 
  8. What happens when an INTERAC e-Transfercannot be received?
  9. I keep getting an error message when sending or receiving an INTERAC e-Transfer?


1. What is Acxsys Corporation?

Acxsys Corporation powers the INTERAC e-Transfer service for the participating financial institutions. Acxsys Corporation facilitates the e-mail notice process and maintains the INTERAC e-Transfer database.

2. How long does it take to send and receive an INTERAC e-Transfer?

An e-mail and/or SMS text message notifying the recipient of their INTERAC e-Transfer is sent immediately after the sender completes the INTERAC e-Transfer. Once the recipient receives notification, they can complete the deposit process, usually within just a few minutes of the transfer being sent!

NOTE: If your recipient’s Financial Institution does not subscribe to the INTERAC e-Transfer service, they can still deposit their funds using the Acxsys Transfer process. This method of depositing an INTERAC e-Transfer generally takes 3-5 business days, although it may take longer.

3. I sent a transfer but provided an incorrect e-mail address or mobile phone number for the recipient. What should I do?

If you provided an invalid e-mail address, you will be notified via e-mail that the transfer notification was undeliverable. You can readdress and resend the transfer or cancel the pending transfer and the original amount (less the service charge) will be credited back to your account.

If you provided an invalid e-mail address, but did provide a valid mobile phone number, you will not be notified by e-mail that the transfer was undeliverable.

If you have provided an invalid mobile phone number and chose to notify your recipient by mobile phone only, you will not be notified in any way that the SMS text message did not go through.

4. How do I readdress and resend an INTERAC e-Transfer?

If you have been notified of an undeliverable INTERAC e-Transfer due to an incorrect e-mail address, you can readdress and resend the transfer. Just:

  • Edit your recipient information to include the valid email address.
  • Select the “Resend Notification” from the “Pending Transfer” screen
  • Click “Confirm”

An e-mail notice will be resent to the recipient's valid e-mail address

5. How do I cancel an INTERAC e-Transfer and deposit the funds back into my account?

To cancel and deposit the transfer amount back into your account, you must check the status of the transfer – if the transfer is still in the list of Pending INTERAC e-Transfers, simply click “Cancel” and follow the instructions. The transfer amount is automatically deposited back into the account indicated. Service charges are non-refundable.

If the transfer is no longer in your list of Pending INTERAC e-Transfers, please contact your Credit Union for assistance.

6. Does the recipient get a reminder to deposit theirINTERAC e-Transfer?

The recipient will receive email or SMS reminder of the outstanding transfer 7 days after it has been sent, then again at 14, 21 and 28. After 30 days, the transfer will expire and the recipient will no longer be able to deposit the funds. At that time the sender will be notified and can cancel the expired transfer to redeposit the funds.

7. What is a security question? What are the guidelines for the security answer?

The security question verifies the recipient’s identity and protects your funds from being received by the wrong person. The question must be answered correctly in order to complete the deposit process. It is the sender’s responsibility to create a security question and answer known only to the recipient.

Guidelines for the security answer:

  • The answer must be one word.
  • The answer must not contain any blank spaces.
  • The answer is not case sensitive and letters and/or numbers are accepted.
  • The answer cannot contain special characters (i.e., &, $, etc.).
  • The answer should be kept strictly confidential between the sender and recipient.
  • The security question and/or answer must not be included in the optional message attached to the INTERAC e-Transfer.

8. What happens when an INTERAC e-Transfer cannot be received?

The sender will be notified by e-mail when an INTERAC e-Transfer cannot be completed because:

  • The recipient declined the transfer.
  • The 30-day time period for the recipient to claim the transfer has expired.
  • The e-mail address you entered for your recipient is invalid. (See FAQ #3)
  • The recipient was unable to answer the security question.

Once the sender receives this notification, they can follow the links in the message to cancel and re-deposit the funds. Service charges are non-refundable.

9. I keep getting an error message when sending or receiving an INTERAC e-Transfer.

There are several error messages which can be generated while using the INTERAC e-Transfer feature, which may include the following

  • Exceeds sending / receiving limits, for a single transaction, a week or a month.
  • The account you are attempting to send from or deposit to is restricted from use with this feature.
  • The communication between Internet Banking and your credit union’s banking system has timed out.

For assistance with these issues, please contact Cornerstone Credit Union.  

Learn More:

Looking for more information? Visit the INTERAC e-Transfer homepage (http://www.interac.ca/index.php/en/interac-etransfer/etransfer-detail) for more information on how this feature works, or contact us at 1-855-875-CALL (2255) and speak to a Member Service Representative.

A list of participating financial institutionscan be found here (http://www.interac.ca/index.php/en/interac-etransfer/etransfer-participating-fis).

Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Usedunder license.

Me-To-Me Transfers

Bank at more than one financial institution?

You can transfer funds to and from your Cornerstone account, to and from any other financial institution you deal with, with Me-to-Me Transfers.

CLICK HERE to find out more!

Text for Balance

Text for Balance gives you real-time access to your accounts wherever you happen to be. Just send a quick text message to your account and you'll receive a message back. It's fast, it's easy and it's free.*

It works on all text-enabled phones. It doesn't matter what kind of cell phone you have, as long as you can send and receive text messages.

Check account balances and recent account activity information from anywhere you can get a signal-instantly. You'll get the account information you want, when you need it. There's no need to find a computer to check your account balance. And, have peace of mind with the ability to instantly check what activity has taken place with your account.

Ready to sign up?

Getting started with Text For Balance is easy. All you need is access to online banking. Don't have online banking access? Contact us today: 1-855-875-2255

If you're already on online banking user:

  1. Login to your online banking account and click on mobile banking
  2. Enter your mobile phone information
  3. You'll receive a text message with your passcode
  4. Confirm your passcode and select the accounts you want to access with mobile banking

Once you've signed up, it's easy to use.

Account Balance

To check your account balance, simply text BAL to . Within moments, you will receive a text message with your account balance information.

All Account Balances

To check all of your account balances, simply text BAL ALL to . You'll receive a text message with the balance information for all your selected accounts.

Transaction History

To view your recent account activity, simply text ACT to . You'll then receive a text message with your five most recent transactions on your account.

And, to make it even easier, you can save the short code in your phone for quick and easy access. You can even save your text messages and simply resend for future use.

Check out our to see for yourself.

*Standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your provider and plan.

Mobile Banking Expand/Collapse

Go Mobile!

Mobile web gives you the convenience of managing your accounts from your mobile phone - you can access account information you want, when you want it and where you want it.  It's fast, it's easy and it's free* (data charges may apply).

Mobile web offers the same functionality as MemberDirect online banking, but is optimized for the smaller screen size on mobile phones.  With Mobile web you can:

  • view account balances and history
  • pay bills
  • transfer funds
  • find a branch/ATM

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Mobile Web, all you need is access to online banking.  Don't have it?  Contact your branch to sign up today!

If you are already a MemberDirect online banking user, simply go to www.cornerstonecu.com from your smart phone browser.  At the top of the screen you will see a banner link that says Mobile optimized version of this site - click on that link and you will be directed to Mobile Web.  To login to your account information using mobile web, you will log in with your card number and PAC, just as you would for online banking.

Mobile App

Cornerstone CU Mobile App available on iPhone and Android™ devices. With a host of convenient features, it’s a fast and secure way to handle everyday banking wherever and whenever it suits you.

With the Cornerstone CU App you can:

  • Check your account balances and account activity
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manage scheduled payments and transfers
  • Check the latest interest rates
  • Send or receive an INTERAC e-TransferƗ, or add an INTERAC e-Transfer recipient
  • Find our your closest branch or ATM
  • Deposit Anywhere


  • There are no new passwords to remember. All account log-in information is the same as your online banking information
  • Fast and easy to navigate
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices

Check balances in a flash with QuickView

You can browse selected account balances on the go, even before you’ve logged in. Just activate the QuickView feature in the app, and a single tap of the screen will keep you in the know.

Privacy and Security

It’s our priority to keep your information safe, which is why our mobile app uses the same level of high security as our full online banking website.

Any questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

Ɨ Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

TM Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

TM Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Deposit Anywhere

With Deposit Anywhere, you can quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re at coffee with friends, at work, or staying up late to get your banking done—any time is the right time to deposit cheques.

How does it work?

  1. Open the app on your smartphone
  2. Select your account and enter the amount
  3. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
  4. Confirm the details and tap “submit”. That’s it.

It really is that simple! Deposit Anywhere is fast, safe and secure. Give yourself a little more time for other activities in your life and use Deposit Anywhere today.

Having trouble? Call 1.855.875.2255 and we can walk you through it.

Contact Centre Expand/Collapse

Cornerstone Credit Union's Contact Centre

Bank over the phone, wherever you are, with Cornerstone's Contact Centre.

Loans.  Financial Advice.  Live-person assistance.  Over the phone. Now that's easy!

With our Contact Centre, you get the convenience of telephone banking with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, always ready to help on the other end of the line.

Cornerstone's Contact Centre offers everything from basic information, to loans, to personal and secure transactions, and anything else you may need.  And no matter where you call, or which branch you deal with, we're here to help.

Make your life easier & call us today!

Call your branch or 1-855-875-CALL (1-855-875-2255).
Email: ContactCentre@cornerstonecu.com

Hours of Operation

The staff at our Contact Centre are available beyond our regular branch hours of operation.  The hours of service are as follows:

Monday - Thursday:  8am - 8pm

Friday:   8am - 6pm

Saturday:   8am - 4pm

ATM's Expand/Collapse

Need quick and easy access to cash? No problem!

Our automated teller machines (ATMs) allow you to access your funds anytime of the day or night, and you have the convenience of being able to make deposits, transfer money and pay bills through the Interac world-wide network.

Member Cards and Global Payment MasterCards are accepted at machines identified as Interac®, ACCULINK®, Cirrus® and Maestro®.  Credit Union MasterCard Credit Cards are accepted virtually everywhere around the world at all machines identified as accepting Cirrus and Maestro.

Cornerstone Credit Union members have access to a national network of ATMs across Canada at no additional charge.  Visit ding-free.ca for more information.

ding free® from sea to sea

From BC to Newfoundland, credit union members have access to over 1,800 surcharge-free ATMs.  Added up, that’s a bigger ATM network than most banks. And it’s all ding free®.

Leave ATM surcharges behind you.

We’ve all been dinged by surcharge fees at an ATM that wasn’t our own. But as a member of Cornerstone Credit Union, you don’t have to rely on our ATMs to keep from getting dinged ever again. In fact, you’re part of one of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the country.

Any credit union ATM is your credit union ATM.

Belonging to a national ATM network means you can bank ding free from sea to sea, with access to a national network of surcharge-free ATMs – a network bigger than most banks. Just look for a ding free sign on your ATM, and say goodbye to those pesky surcharge fees.

Get the ding free locator app today.

Available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, our ding free® locator app can help you find the nearest surcharge-free ATM – wherever you are. To get yours for free, visit ding-free.ca

Cornerstone FX Expand/Collapse

If you conduct multiple large foreign exchange transactions (over $5,000), you should sign up for Cornerstone FX!

Cornerstone FX is an online foreign exchange platform where you’ll receive live, real time currency exchange rates. It can assist with mitigating market risk and may increase profitability by allowing you trade with greater ease.

The system allows you to access the platform on any computer with an internet connection and settle transactions without using drafts or wire transfers. Our system contains several advanced currency trading features:
•    get real-time results with Spot trading;
•    plan future rates using the Forward feature to lock in a rate now for a future transaction; and
•    use Orders to buy/sell when a currency reaches a certain rate.

Click here for more information and FAQs.

To sign into Cornerstone FX, click here.

For more information, contact us at 1.855.875.2255 or email fx@cornerstonecu.com

Credit Unions Connect Expand/Collapse

Stay Connected!

Saskatchewan credit unions are working together to increase connectivity for our members. Cornerstone Credit Union is thrilled to partner with credit unions across the province to offer Credit Unions CONNECT, a convenient way for credit union members to conduct their financial transactions without additional costs.

    Through the collaboration of Saskatchewan credit unions, members can access the following services:

    • Account Inquiries
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Transfers
    • Chip Card PIN selection services
    • Magnetic Card PIN selection services
    • Cashing of cheques and other negotiable instruments
    • Bill payments
    • Loan payments
    • Purchases of money orders and drafts

    An extensive branch network designed to serve you better... That's credit unions CONNECT.


    Find Branch/ATM

    Enter address, postal code or branch name