Interac Online Payments

Interac Online Payments

Shop online and pay directly from your Cornerstone account.  It’s a safe and convenient way to pay!

Interac Online Payments are a safe alternative payment option for online shopping as it allows members to pay for online purchases over the internet (at participating merchants) directly from their Cornerstone Credit Union account.  Payments made with Interac Online are conducted through the convenience of your existing online banking access.  Interac Online is safe as no financial details, card number or login information are shared with online retailers or third parties.

Making payments through Interac Online are fast and convenient.  The transaction is completed immediately and there are no additional fees (regular transaction fees do apply). 

View for a list of participating online merchants.

How does it work?

When making a purchase online, the online checkout shows various options for payment.  When you select Interac, you will be directed to the Interac Gateway page to select Cornerstone Credit Union.  After selecting the financial institution, you will be directed to our online banking page.  Once you’ve logged in, choose that account from wish the payment is to be made from and confirm the payment.


  1. Is Interac Online secure?
  2. Yes, it is secure. When processing your payment, we do not share any of your personal financial information with the online retailer.


  1. Are there any fees associated with Interac Online Payments?
  2. There are no additional fees for making purchases through Interac Online, but they do count as a transaction on an account so regular transaction fees apply.


  1. What kind of payments can be made through Interac Online?
  2. Online retail purchases at participating merchants in Canada. In addition, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accepts payments for taxes via Interac Online.  In addition, some educational institutions accept tuition payments via Interac Online.  Visit for a list of participating online merchants.

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