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Straight Rate Expand/Collapse

Our Straight Rate mortgage is just that – a straightforward mortgage offering the lowest rate, without any perks.

It has no extra features and no add-ons (i.e. Does not qualify for equity; no skip-a-payment option; no early renewal option, etc.) – just the best rate you can have in a simple contract.

Fixed Rate Expand/Collapse

Our Fixed Rate Mortgage provides you peace of mind as your rate is fixed throughout your term. We provide different term lengths, convenient repayment schedules, no hidden charges or penalties. And of course – our rates are always competitive.

Variable Rate Expand/Collapse

If you believe rates will decline and want to save on interest costs, our Variable Rate Mortgage may be the right choice for you. We offer terms up to 5 years, and you have the ability to increase your payment by any amount at any time.

Variable Rate Mortgage with Cap Expand/Collapse

Our Variable Rate Mortgage with Cap offers you the flexibility of a floating rate with the security of a capped rate – it’s a win-win!

Equity Loan Expand/Collapse

You’ve built equity in your home, so why not use it? You can refinance, consolidate debt, take a trip or take advantage of investment opportunities. You can also use it to make improvements to your home that will in turn create even more equity for you to leverage down the line.

So whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments, take a long, relaxing cruise or want to get rid of the 1970’s shag rug in the basement, our home equity loans are designed to get you what you need. You may even be able to claim the interest you’ll pay as a tax deduction.

CUInclusive Expand/Collapse

There’s a way you can manage your transactional account, savings, mortgage, loans and line of credit in one simple and convenient money management account. AND reduce your monthly payments, reduce interest payments and be debt free sooner. Yep it’s true – it’s called CUInclusive.

CUInclusive provides you with:

  • One account that contains your transactional, savings, personal loan(s), line of credit and residential mortgage.
  • Access to 65% of the value of your home which entitles you to do what you wish. So go ahead – consolidate your debt, renovate your home, purchase a new vehicle, or invest in your future – the choice is yours!
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