Benefits of our Merger

Welcome to the new Cornerstone! We are better than ever and keeping you in mind. 

Better for Members
The new credit union is expected to eliminate duplicated costs incurred by the three credit unions. The efficiencies gained can be invested in the technologies and skills required to attract and retain members, including enhanced products, services and advice. The new credit union is expected to have the capacity to develop or attract employees with specialized skills to strengthen the operations of the credit union and the quality of advice and service provided to the membership through expanded delivery channels.
Better for Communities
The new credit union is expected to be better positioned within the fast-changing financial services industry allowing us to continue to support communities financially and with effective delivery of financial advice and service including enhanced delivery channels (e.g., online and mobile services). The new credit union is expected to be better with the capacity and expertise to serve larger businesses than is possible today.  This should allow our members to have more of their financial services needs met by their local credit union.
Better for Employees
The new credit union is expected to allow our employees to develop their careers across a broader network, with more variety of roles, than is currently available; this offers increased opportunities for personal advancement for employees without the need to relocate.
Better for the Credit Union System
The new credit union is expected to better be able to leverage its size within the Saskatchewan and Canadian credit union systems. Being one of the largest credit unions in Saskatchewan will allow for a larger voice and increased influence with system partners.

  35,625 members          1.72 billion in assets         286 employees
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