Small Business Banking

Welcome to Small Business Banking! 

All business members having digital banking access will utilize the Small Business Banking Platform. The Small Business Banking has additional features for business owners that support the day-to-day banking needs of their business, such as:

  • Consolidating profiles if you have more accounts with Cornerstone (to consolidate a profile, you must be a signor on the business account)
  • Adding and Managing Delegates
  • Viewing pending transactions that require your approval, as well as cancelled or expired transactions. 
  • Setting up dual signers on business accounts that require two people to approve transactions. (You can have as many signers as the organization requires, but you only need 2 to sign for dual signature). 
  • Creating transactions that require additional approval
  • Small Business Alerts - Stay informed when you need to approve transactions or if you have transactions that are about to expire. You can view small business alerts by email or text message anywhere, anytime. (Text messaging rates may apply.) Set up is needed before alerts will be received.
Getting Started
View Step-by-step instructions below on how to log in for the first time, and interactive demos to help you navigate Small Business Banking platform.

Small Business FAQs
Scroll down to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Small Business Banking.

Small Business Banking User Guide
A user-friendly guide that provides step-by-step instructions on Small Business Banking. 

Let's Get Started

On September 14, you will onboard to the new Small Business Banking platform. View the below steps to get started. 

Do you have a personal & business membership with us? 
For the best experience, we recommend that if you have a personal account with us you onboard yourself (the signer) before you onboard your business. 
View our demo - Sign in for Existing User if you currently use online banking today

View our demo - Sign in for New User if you're new to online banking

For first time login to Small Business Banking, you must sign in via a desktop computer.
  1. Click the orange “Sign In” button on the top right corner.
  2. Sign in using your current login credentials.
    • Enter all digits of your MemberCard® debit card.
    • Enter your current PAC.
  3. Set up a unique Username (maximum 35 characters).
    • IMPORTANT: Choose one that is not easily identified and one that you won’t forget! Once chosen, it cannot be changed.
  4. Set up a new password (minimum 10 characters with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number).
  5. Verify your identity. Enter your personal mobile phone number or email address (even though you are signing into a business account, you will want to use your personal mobile phone number and email here). If it matches what we have on file, you’ll proceed to the next step.
    • If the contact information does not match what we have on file, a verification code will be sent to the mobile phone or email address you entered. Enter that code in the verification pop-up, and click “Confirm”. 
  6. Confirm sign in details. If everything is correct, click “Create User Profile” to finalize your new sign in information.
Now whenever you sign in to Online Banking, use your new username and password.
We have a number of interactive demos to help you navigate and understand our Small Business Banking. Check out our How-To page, or click any of the following links to take you directly to the demo. 

Small Business Banking FAQs

Yes, you will need to re-create access for any of your existing delegates on the new online banking system before they can sign in. As was the case before, you can only set up delegates from a computer, not the mobile app.

Watch the interactive demo.
Pending transactions will not be carried over to the new system. You will need to re-create pending transactions that were not acted on. 
Business CRA payments will need to be reset up on the new digital platform. 
The consolidation feature works a little bit differently with the new system and you won’t be able to view your consolidated memberships until you have completed a few steps.

You will have to start by completing your initial sign in for each membership separately. Once you have completed the onboarding process for all your memberships, you can then consolidate them as required. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to sign in once, and switch between any of your consolidated profiles as needed.
As a signer on the business, we need to authenticate you as an individual.
Digital banking has a character limit when it comes to the business name and your business name may be outside the limits. This will not impact any of the information sent with bill payments or what is stored in our banking system.
If you have your membership set up as requiring two-signer approval for transactions like bill payments and Interac e-Transfers®, you can approve the transaction within digital banking.
  1. Sign in to digital banking
  2. From the menu, click Business Services, then Review Pending Transactions
Note: Transactions expire after seven days.
Profile consolidation allows you, as a small business member, to add your personal account and/or other business accounts that you are a signer/owner of. This enables you to toggle back and forth between your business(es) and personal account.

How-To: Consolidate Profile
  1. Log in to digital banking
  2. Select 'Business services'
  3. Click ‘Profile Consolidation’
  4. Click ‘Add Profile’
  5. Enter personal or business profile username
  6. Enter personal or business profile password
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Confirm details and click ‘Continue’
Your profile is now added successfully.

Repeat these steps if you want to consolidate additional business accounts that you are a signer/owner on the account.

Delegates are people such as an accountant, bookkeeper or employees who can be granted limited access to small business digital banking. Delegates can be created by any one of the authorized signers that have small business digital banking access.

Delegates will have their own username as a login and password that is provided to them by an authorized signer. Delegates will be able to see the accounts and associated transactions related to the Login ID the business signer sets up for them.

Delegates can be set up with:
  • Initiator access. Allows delegates to create transactions for the authorized signer(s) to approve without making the delegate an actual signer on the account(s). Delegate with initiator access can:
    • Initiate transactions like a bill payment, transfer, or Interac® e-Transfer.
    • Create a similar transaction from previous transactions or recall a transaction (prior to approval).
Initiated transactions require approval by the signer(s) in order to complete the transaction.

  • Read-only access. Allows delegates to view account information but does not allow them to perform any transactions on the account.

Notes on Delegates:
  • There is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up.
  • Once the username is selected it cannot be changed.
  • The username will need to be communicated to the delegate separately.
  • Any account signer can add, view, or edit a delegate.
  • Cornerstone does not have access to your delegates, therefore we are unable to add, edit, delete, lock or reset their password on your behalf.
There is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up, you can set up as many delegates as you wish.
  1. Login to digital banking via desktop or tablet (can’t be done on the app just yet)
  2. Select ‘Business services’
  3. Click ‘Delegate management’
  4. Click ‘Add delegate’
  5. Create delegate username
    • The username should be between 5-34 alphanumeric characters.
    • The username should be communicated to the delegate separately.
  6. Enter the name of the delegate
  7. Click the radio button to select the access level - Initiator or Read-only access
  8. Click the radio button to select how the password will be received (email or mobile number)
  9. Enter the email
  10. Enter the mobile phone
  11. Type in any notes that apply to the delegate
  12. Accept express consent
  13. lick ‘Continue’
  14. Confirm details and click ‘Continue’
  15. An authentication code will then be sent to you by email or text message and simply enter the received code into enter code field and click ‘Continue’
  16. Delegate added successfully
  17. The delegate will now receive their temporary password via email or text.

Your delegate will be prompted to change his/her temporary password when logging in for the first time. The new password is recommended to be 10-30 characters, containing at least:
  • one upper case letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one number
One person who has signing authority for the accounts will create a username for the delegate when adding them to the membership. After this, a temporary password will be sent to the signer to enter into the system. Once the delegate is set up, they will use their new sign in information and they’ll be prompted to create their own unique password the first time they sign in.
Delegates can initiate transactions, but not authorize or complete them. If the business account requires two approvals, the delegate can create a transaction, and then two signers will have to sign in to approve it.
Yes, you can grant one of two permissions for each delegate on each business: read-only or initiator.
To consolidate a profile the member must be a signer on the business account. Delegates will have to sign in to each business membership.

You can download your transactions into the format needed for QuickBooks and Quicken by scrolling to the bottom of your account and selecting the 'Export' button. These documents can then be uploaded into QuickBooks or Quicken.

Please be aware that automatic downloads for QuickBooks and Quicken will not be immediately available in our new digital banking platform.

The signer, or signers, on the business account, haven’t completed the setup process for the new digital banking experience. Once they finish getting it set up, they can add you back as a delegate so you have access.

We're Here for You.
Our Contact Centre is open extended hours and providing digital banking support 24/7 during this transition.

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