Between October 1st to November 30th, 2022, Consumer reward-based cards will receive an additional 50% Bonus Reward Points for every $1 spent on utility, streaming, and telco Merchant Category Codes (MCCs):
MCC Code  Service  Merchant Category
 4814 Telecommunication Services including: Local and Long Distance Calls, Credit Card Calls, Facsimile Services  Telco
 4816 Computer Network/Information Services  Telco
 4899 Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television and Radio Services  Utility
 4900 Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water, Sanitary  Utility
 5735 Record Shops  Streaming
 5815 Digital Goods - Books, movies, music  Streaming
 5816 Digital Goods - Games  Streaming
 5817 Digital Goods - Applications (excludes games)  Streaming
 5818 Large Digital Goods Merchant  Streaming
 5968 Direct Marketing – Continuity / Subscription Merchants  Streaming
 7841 DVD/Video Tape Rental  Streaming
 7994 Video Game Arcades/ Establishments  Streaming

This promotion applies to all existing and new consumer rewards-based cardholders who spend on utility, streaming, and telco MCCs as outlined in the offer section. Eligible cardholders will receive an additional 50% more bonus reward points for every $1 spent. This offer is applicable to existing and newly pre-authorized account set-ups, in addition to eligible MCC transactions that take place.

Eligible cards and rewards breakdown are as follows:

 Eligible Cards  Rewards Breakdown
Consumer  Cash Back Mastercard  0.75 points/$1 Spend

 Centra Gold & Travel Rewards Mastercard  1.5 points/$1 Spend

 World Mastercard  4.5 points/$1 Spend

Note: The USD, Classic, and all the business credit cards are excluded from this offer.
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