Mortgage Renewal

When you have a mortgage with Cornerstone, you can rest assured knowing that your Advisor will be in touch to discuss your renewal options once your term is up.

There is no better time than now to review your financial situation with us, take advantage of our competitive rates, and discuss your goals for the future. Our Advisors are here to walk you through the renewal process, and ensure that your mortgage continues to meet your ever-evolving needs.

A mortgage renewal gives you the opportunity to discuss and update the following with your Advisor:

  • Rates. Cornerstone offers competitive rates at time of renewal. 
  • Payments. Pay your mortgage off faster without penalty by making full or partial lump sum payments at this time.
  • Early renewal. Perhaps there is an opportunity to save on interest with a great rate. Cornerstone provides the opportunity to renew your mortgage early - up to 90 days - without penalty.* 
  • Your financial goals. If you've been considering a renovation or large purchase, let us know! We can add this onto your mortgage at renewal time.
*Dependent on mortgage product.

Helpful mortgage tools at your fingertips.

Check out our mortgage calculators and discover what a new mortgage payment might look like, or even what fees you could incur if you decide to pay out your mortgage early.

Mortgage products to suit your needs.

Straight Rate Variable with Cap

Our Straight Rate Mortgage, only it includes the flexibility of a floating rate and the added security of a capped rate. 

Flex Rate Variable with Cap

Offers all of the convenience of our Flexible Mortgage but includes the added benefit of a floating rate with the security of a capped rate.
Straight Rate

A straightforward mortgage offering the lowest rate and prepayment flexibilities, without any extra perks.

Flexible Mortgage

An all-in-one product. All of your transactional, mortgage, loans and line of credit are in one convenient account.

Fixed Rate

Offers peace of mind as your rate is fixed throughout your term.

When the time comes to renew your mortgage, we're here to help you make the most of it.
Call 1.855.875.2255 today to meet with an Advisor!
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