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Personal Mortgages

There's no place like home.

When it comes to life's goals, buying a home is one of your biggest, but we know that purchasing a home can feel overwhelming. Let us help simplify it for you with a true pre-approval.

What are your homebuying needs?

First-time homebuyer
Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, but it is also one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. Let us help you simplify the home-buying process.

Buying another property

Are you looking for a place to unwind and relax away from the daily stress? Or did you fall in love with a rental cabin last summer and have been wanting to go back ever since? If you're looking for your home away from home, we can help!

Building a property

Your new home is built to fit your needs, your mortgage should be too. Whether you are looking to build from scratch or purchase a ready-to-move (RTM) home, we have the expertise and experience needed to get you in your dream home.

Switching my mortgage

Switch your mortgage to Cornerstone Credit Union with our Mortgage Switch Program, and we'll cover up to $1,250 in associated fees!

Renewing my mortgage
There is no better time than now to review your financial situation with us, take advantage of our competitive rates, and discuss your goals for the future.

Personal Mortgage Products

Straight Rate Variable with Cap

Our Straight Rate Variable with Cap Mortgage offers the best rate you can have in a simple contract. It provides the flexibility of a floating rate with the added security of a capped rate. 

*Capped rates are guaranteed for 60 days. This applies to the capped portion of the rate, not the rate itself. 

Flex Rate Variable with Cap

Our Flex Rate Variable with Cap Mortgage offers all of the convenience of our Flexible Mortgage but includes the added benefit of a floating rate with the security of a capped rate. 

*Capped rates are guaranteed for 60 days. This applies to the capped portion of the rate, not the rate itself. 

Straight Rate

Our Straight Rate Mortgage is just that – a straightforward mortgage offering the lowest rate and prepayment flexibilities, without any extra perks.

It has no extra features and no add-ons (i.e. Does not qualify for equity; no skip-a-payment option; no early renewal option, etc.) – just the best rate you can have in a simple contract.

*Straight Rate Mortgage has additional terms and conditions. Contact us to determine if this mortgage type suits your needs.

Flexible Mortgage

Our Flexible Mortgage is an all-in-one product - where all of your transactional, mortgage, loans and line of credit are all in one simple and convenient account. This allows you to reduce your monthly payments, reduce interest payments and be debt free sooner.

You can access funds up to 80% of the value of your home. So go ahead – consolidate your debt, renovate your home, purchase a new vehicle, or invest in your future – the choice is yours!
Fixed Rate

Our Fixed Rate Mortgage provides you peace of mind as your rate is fixed throughout your term.

We provide different term lengths, convenient repayment schedules, prepayment flexibilities, no hidden charges or penalties. And of course – our rates are always competitive.

Meet with our Mobile Mortgage Specialists

Bringing mortgages to your doorstep. Anywhere, anytime! Our Mobile Mortgage Specialists can provide personalized mortgage solutions on the go.

Helpful mortgage tools at your fingertips.

Check out our mortgage calculators and discover what a new mortgage payment might look like, or even what fees you could incur if you decide to pay out your mortgage early.


We know how important your financial wellness is.
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New mortgage holder

Savings Options for Your First Home

The biggest obstacle for first-time homebuyers is often saving the money needed to buy it. Every first-time homebuyer has to come up with a down payment, which is typically between 5-20% of the purchase price. 
man looking into a spyglass

What to Look For in a Mortgage

Many homebuyers fixate on getting the absolute lowest mortgage interest rate available. However, low rate mortgages often come with conditions that could cost you dearly down the line.
girl thinking

The Mortgage Stress Test

If you’re about to start looking for a mortgage to buy a new home, or want to refinance your current
mortgage, you need to know about the mortgage stress test.
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