The choice is yours on what you put the funds towards!
  1. Personal loans only.
  2. Proof of income verification required.
  3. Maximum 5-year amortization. 
  4. Interest rates subject to change at any time. 
    • Fixed rate as low as 7.70%
    • Floating rate
    • Prime plus 0.50% (with 2 loan protection insurance coverage)
    • Prime plus 0.75% (with 1 loan protection insurance coverage)
    • Prime plus 1.0% (no loan protection insurance coverage)
    • No additional discounts apply
  5. Loan protection insurance coverage is optional. 

What is Loan Protection Insurance? 
Loan protection insurance helps guard you from defaulting on your financial responsibilities. If you find yourself unable to make payments on your loan due to a critical illness diagnosis, disability or sudden death, protection insurance is there to help keep your finances secure and help protect you from defaulting on your loan.

The best part? It’s a cost-effective and easy option, with no health questions or medical underwriting required.

Loan protection insurance coverage is optional and is underwritten by CUMIS Life Insurance company.

We're here to support your financial goals.

So, go ahead - buy that ATV or skidoo you've had your eye on; start planning your retirement;
take on those home renovations; or consolidate some existing debt. 

In the driver's seat.

Personal loans that get you where you want to go. Drive away today with a new vehicle loan. 

Save for retirement. 

Put more money in your pocket through tax savings and invest in a RRSP Loan. 

Renos are never easy. 

Renovations are a lot of work, that's why we make getting your home renovation loan easy.

Consolidate debt.

Our advisors can walk you through the loan process and make every step pain-less.

You can do more with a Cornerstone loan. 

You can count on us to empower you with flexible products, advice and solutions that meet your specific needs. If you have a goal in mind, we're here to help you reach it!

All you have to do is show up to your appointment with:
  • One piece of government issued photo ID
  • Three recent paystubs or T4's; and
  • One current paystub

Calculate your savings.

Use the calculator below to compare and discover how much you could save with a
competitive lending rate, then contact us to get started.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this calculator as all examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. Please contact us for personalized advice unique to your situation and goals. 

Ready to achieve your goals? We can help!

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If you have questions about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by the Financial Institution, please contact us.
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