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The First Home Savings Account (FHSA) is an investment arrangement available to Canadian residents aged 18 or older, that gives first-time home buyers a tax advantage option to save for a down payment.

Contributions to the account are tax-deductible, like an RRSP, while income and gains are tax-free, like an TFSA.

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benefits of a First Home Savings Account: 

  • Compound growth and tax-sheltered savings. By contributing early, your investment will magnify returns over time through compounding. Invest money without being taxed on the income and growth.

  • Participation period. An FHSA can only be open for 15 years and must be closed by the end of the year when the holder reaches age 71. Additionally, the FHSA must be closed within one year of making a qualifying withdrawal to purchase your first home.

  • Transfers. An FHSA is transferable to another FHSA, RRSP or RRIF owned by the holder, a spouse/common-law partner named as the successor, or a former spouse/common-law partner. 

Available to individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Is a resident of Canada at the time of purchase
  • Is between the ages of 18 to 71
  • Has a valid SIN
  • Is a first-time home buyer
Qualifying individuals can contribute $8,000 per year to their FHSA.

  • Unused contributions can be carried forward to a maximum lifetime limit of $40,000.
  • The annual limit is not income tested and is not based on the holder’s earned income.
Conditions for the holder to receive the withdrawal tax-free:

  • First-time home buyer
  • Resident of Canada
  • Withdrawal made within 30 days of moving 
  • Buy or build a home before October 1 of the following year
  • Home is in Canada
Contributions above the annual limit are subject to a penalty tax of 1% per month on the excess amount until:

  • Entire excess amount is withdrawn
  • The entire excess amount is eliminated when annual contribution limit is reset

Compare our Investment Options

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The Variable FHSA is a cashable tax-sheltered investment with a competitive variable interest rate.  This flexible investment allows you to deposit or redeem at any time.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • Free deposits.
  • One free withdrawal per month. $5.00 per withdrawal after. 
  • Tiered interest rate calculated daily and paid monthly.
You want to earn a higher rate of interest and have the freedom to access your funds if you need them. 
Term Length 12 Months
 Minimum Deposit  $1,000
 Additional Deposits (through   your Financial Advisor)*
 Automatic Renewal  Yes
 Redeemable in full after 90 days without penalty -   No interest paid if redeemed within the first 90   days.
 Withdrawals can be made at any time after 90 days.

 Minimum withdrawal is $1,000. $1,000 minimum   balance must be maintained.
 Interest Paid
 Annually into Investment or Monthly at a reduced   rate. Restrictions apply. 
*Conditions may apply. Speak to your Financial Advisor.
Are you wanting to save for your future home? Our Easy Builder FHSA account is a great option! 

Term Length 12 Months or 18 Months
 Minimum Initial Deposit  $100.00
 Minimum Deposit  $1,000 to be reached at end of 18-month term.
 Additional Deposits (through your Financial Advisor)  Any time, any amount.
 Pre-authorized Deposits
 Yes. A minimum of $50.00 pre-authorized deposit must   be set up.
 Automatic Renewal  Yes
 Redemption  N/A
 Interest Paid  Annually into Investment or Monthly at a reduced rate.   Restrictions apply.  

Lock-in your funds and earn a higher interest rate. 
Term Length 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 months
 Minimum Deposit  $1,000
 Automatic Renewal  Yes
 Redemption  N/A
 Interest Paid
 Annually into Investment or Monthly at a reduced rate. 
 Restrictions apply.

Non-Resident Account Holder

If you become a non-resident while owning an FHSA, your account can remain open, retain its tax-free status, and you can still make contributions. However, you won't be eligible to make a qualifying withdrawal.

Withdrawals by a non-resident will be subject to withholding tax. 

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The FHSA is a helpful tool for Canadians looking to buy their first home. With its contribution limits and tax advantages, it's a convenient way to save for your down payment. You can always stay up-to-date on your FHSA contribution room by checking "My Account" or "My CRA" on the CRA website or by calling the CRA's Tax Information Phone Service at 1.800.267.6999 (TIPS).

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