Putting the "ease" in lease. 

Buying equipment isn't always the best option for your unique farm and business circumstance. Why not take a look at leasing to help grow your operation, save your capital, and improve your cash flow right away.

Get in touch with your Farm & Business Advisor today to learn more about Cornerstone's extensive leasing program.

Don't miss out on our current lease rates.

...and our great rates aren't the only advantage to leasing with Cornerstone!

You'll also benefit from: 
  • Tax advantages as your lease payments are tax deductible
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Impacts of inflation are reduced and cash freed up for other, more productive uses
  • Ability to transfer wealth to family members at the conclusion of the lease
  • Tailor-made payment solutions

*Some conditions may apply. Contact your Farm & Business Advisor to discuss your specific needs.

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