Our Most Valuable Asset
is our People

Just as our members are at the center of everything we do - our employees are, too.

All 280 of them! 


We navigate Cornerstone's ship towards its destination.

Our Executive team’s primary responsibility is to provide strategic leadership to our organization. If you think about Cornerstone as a ship sailing in the ocean; the ocean is the financial services industry and our destination is a strong, respected credit union consistently empowering every member and employee to succeed in life and in business.

Wind, waves, storms, and icebergs represent the fast-paced and often unpredictable changes or challenges we face throughout our journey. It is our Executive team’s responsibility to navigate our ship and to inspire leadership throughout the ship.

Our Executive team spends a lot of time on research, always looking ahead so the right tactics are used. They invest a lot of time communicating with leaders and crew so everyone is informed and empowered to help members, support each other, and continue sailing together towards our destination.

People & Governance

We say we care - and we mean it. 

Our People Solutions team is all about our people - our employees. They are involved in all aspects of human resources, compensation and benefits. They also make sure we are paid every two weeks :).

Our People Development team works with our employees to get the right training and development so that they can reach their highest potential in the current roles and future opportunities. If we have knowledgeable and confident employees who like working here and who all pull together, the rest will work out! 

Our Governance team works with our Board of Directors and Executive team, helping them fulfill their responsibilities to provide effective oversight (Board of Directors) and operational management (Executive team).


We balance the books, stay on budget, and predict the financial future (of CCU). 

The Finance team has three main areas of focus:  Corporate Accounting, Treasury, and Financial Performance & Analysis.  They work cooperatively to be innovative in providing professional support and solutions to empower our stakeholders to achieve their goals.  They are trusted experts and advisors who develop and deliver information, reports, analysis, and forecasting that provide insight into the financial health of our credit union to staff, management, the board of directors, and our regulators. They love their spreadsheets. 😊

 As a team, they collaborate, share ideas, and together provide expertise that is top-notch!


We're in a risky business - and it's our job to identify, assess and prepare for any potential disaster. 

As in any financial institution, risk plays one of the biggest roles. The Risk team works within all areas of the organization to identify risks or opportunities and mitigate or capitalize on them while also reducing the impact of unexpected events. They make sure credit is being issued prudently, that Cornerstone remains compliant with numerous regulations, that financial management is sound, and adequate operational controls are always in place. 

The Risk team's main goal is ultimately to protect member-owned capital and to provide a strong foundation for the credit union.

Strategy & Innovation

Right brain and left brain unite!

Our Strategy & Innovation team leads all internal and external communications while staying committed to delivering a brand that our members can rely on. They support the organization in delivering a MemberFirst experience for our members and employees through the use of modern technology and digital solutions. 

Our Brand team promotes our Cornerstone brand through our marketing and advertising efforts. Our Communications team develops everything you're reading today! They deliver member communications - so you are in the know of what's happening at Cornerstone. They also deliver employee communications so our staff are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to answer your questions. This team also shows the love to our communities by administering and supporting all of Cornerstone's sponsorships and donations.

Our Technology team manages our systems and networks; they work within the organization to facilitate the adoption of new solutions, allowing us to serve you where and when it works for you. They are guided by Cornerstone's commitment to protecting member, employee and corporate data.

Operations & Member Experience

We provide you with the best possible member experience - each and every time. 

Our Operations & Member Experience team is our biggest team here at Cornerstone. They're who you see when you walk into any of our branches. They help you with your banking on our front line or over the phone. They meet with you at the branch, at your kitchen table, or even in your combine to deliver the advice and solutions you need. 

They are also the people that you don't see, working hard for you behind the scenes - crossing the t's and dotting the i's on all the paperwork that is required for your loan, mortgage, or investment.

They combine knowledge, technology, compassion, and creativity to provide world-class financial solutions so our members and our communities achieve more. 
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