Term Deposits

Looking for a secure, worry-free investment?

We have options! With a term deposit, you're guaranteed a set return over a fixed period. All of our term deposits are fully guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. 

"You have to find what works for you. There is no secret method of saving money that works for every person."

Erin Liske
Financial Services Advisor & Mutual Funds Investment Specialist

Compare our Investment Options

You want to earn a higher rate of interest and have the freedom to access your funds if you need them. 
Term Length 12 Months
Minimum Deposit $1,000
Additional Deposits (through your Financial Advisor)*
Automatic Renewal Yes
Redeemable in full after 90 days without penalty - No interest paid if redeemed within first 90 days.
Withdrawals can be made at any time after 90 days.
Minimum withdrawal -$1,000
$1,000 minimum balance must be maintained
Interest Paid
Monthly** or Annually into Term Deposit or to a demand account 

*Conditions may apply. Speak to your Financial Advisor.
**Monthly interest offered at a reduced rate. Restrictions apply.
Are you wanting to save for your future? Or tuck away funds for that special occasion like a vacation? Our Easy Builder is a great option! 
Term Length 12 Months or 18 Months
Minimum Initial Deposit $100.00
Minimum Deposit $1,000 to be reached at end of 18 month term
Additional Deposits (through your Financial Advisor) Any time, Any amount
Pre-authorized Deposits
A minimum of $50.00 pre-authorized deposit must be set up
Automatic Renewal Yes
Redemption No
Interest Paid Annually into investment or to a demand account 

Lock-in your funds and earn a higher interest rate. 
Term Length 12 to 60 months*
Minimum Deposit $1,000
Automatic Renewal Yes
Redemption No
Interest Paid
Monthly** or Annually into Term Deposit or to a demand account 

*Flexibility offered.
**Monthly interest offered at a reduced rate. Restrictions apply.
Index/Equity-Linked term deposits have the potential to achieve a higher rate of return, with the comfort of knowing that there is no risk to your principal balance. You can view the performance and other information on these investments here

Choose from: 
MARKETFLEX® Index-Linked Term Deposit
A smart way to participate in the Canadian stock market. The return on investment is linked to the performance of the S&P/TSX60® Index.

NORTH AMERICAN BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit
Investing in the foreign market. The return on this investment is linked to the performance of 12 Canadian and U.S. companies.

PRAIRIES BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit
Let the success of prairie industry work for you! The return is linked to the performance of a basket of 13 prairie company stocks.
Term Length 36 and 60 months
Minimum Deposit $1,000
Automatic Renewal No
Redemption No
Interest Paid
Into Term Deposit at end of term

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Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (CUDGC)

Deposits held in Saskatchewan credit unions are fully guaranteed. There is no limit to the size of the deposit covered by the guarantee - whether $1 or $1,000,000 or more, all deposits are fully guaranteed. 

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